Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

About Shibboleth

Shibboleth is a system designed to allow you to use your Rutgers NetID and password to login to applications that may not be at Rutgers.

Because the application may not be at Rutgers, Shibboleth is designed to avoid giving out your personal information. An application that calls Shibboleth can verify that you have logged in at Rutgers, and that you are faculty, staff, student, etc. But most applications are not permitted to find out who you are or get information such as name and address.

Currently some applications within Rutgers are permitted to find out information such as your name or NetID. It is possible that in the future we might make exceptions for some applications outside Rutgers. If so, they will be listed here.

For more information about the Shibboleth technology, see the Internet2 Shibboleth site.

There is no URL to reach Shibboleth directly. You start with the web application that is going to use it. That application will direct you to the Shibboleth login page when it's needed.

Status of Shibboleth at Rutgers

The Rutgers Shibboleth Identity Provider is currently being run by the Office of Instructional and Research Technology as a pilot project. As a pilot, it does not have the same amount of redundancy as our production services. If there is a failure, it could take much of a day to restore service.

The inCommon Federation

Rutgers is a member of the inCommon Federation. This is a group of universities, research organizations, and commercial partners that use Shibboleth. See the inCommon web page for more information.

Like other federations, inCommon members share information about each others' systems. This makes it easy to set up a service so it can accept users from all inCommon institutions. inCommon is also being used by the Federal government to provide access to government services.

Adding applications

Rutgers users should be able to use most applications that depend upon the inCommon Federation for authorization. However some applications may require setup. If you want to use a web application based on Shibboleth, and need Rutgers to make arrangements to facilitiate this, please contact

The NJEdge Federation

Rutgers is a member of NJEdge, the higher education network for New Jersey. We are helping NJEdge build a federation for institutions in New Jersey. See for more information.